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Lifestyle Design Dashboard (LDD) is your aesthetic and strategic hub for all things dream self, tactical execution and becoming your own muse. This tool is not meant to completely replace your personal planner or daily calendar, but rather act as your Master Plan x Lifestyle Blueprint with templates for reflection, tracking, goals, routines, vision board, career map and more.

LDD was initially created as a passion project that acted as a Personal Life Wiki. It was a place to keep my priorities dialed in with templates and pages that all mapped back to my vision. I had hundreds of friends on social ask to use it too, so here you guys go! For now, I have sample / filler content throughout the dashboard — feel free to edit and change wherever you see fit.


You will need a device (computer, phone, tablet) and a free Notion account to use my template. Once checking out, you'll get a PDF download with more info on the template. Within the PDF, there is a link to the Notion template — see page 5 for the instructions on how to download it. Please note that all pages in the Master Template are currently locked so people cannot edit them directly. When you duplicate the template to your personal Notion, you will be able to unlock the pages and make them your own!


Totally free. Gumroad lets you name a fair price and you can pay if you wish, but just enter $0.00 when you checkout for a free download. Feel free to leave a rating if you love it.


Thank you for supporting Lifestyle Design Dashboard! If you have any questions, DM me on insta: @ellasmoodxo 🖤

*Disclaimer: I currently have "filler content" within LDD that you can replace with your own lifestyle and needs. Please note that this filler content is there as an example and is intended for informational purposes only. It does not provide medical advice or substitute professional medical guidance. The content is not intended to diagnose, treat, or offer a diagnosis for any health condition. Prior to implementing any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or health routine, it is essential to consult a qualified medical professional. :)

Given the inherent nature of this being a digital product, refunds are not available as the delivery of the product occurs instantaneously, making it challenging to revoke access or retrieve the item once it has been provided.

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A home dashboard made in Notion with a holistic overview of key life areas, vision board, monthly calendar preview and more, as well as 15+ subpage templates designed for reflection, clarity, lifestyle and manifesting.

Holistic Preview
15+ Subpage Templates
Clarity, Reflection, Goals
Mood Boards, Curated Images, Spotify Integration
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7 pages


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Lifestyle Design Dashboard Notion Template

72 ratings
I want this!